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Pagoda Box Partnership
  • I'm pleased to announce Kohana's partnership with Pagoda Box, a PaaS provider for PHP applications. Pagoda Box is graciously donating their services to Kohana by hosting the PHP portions of Kohana's web presence. We want to thank Pagoda Box for their generosity, and we're pleased to call them our Hosting Sponsor. For more information about Pagoda Box, visit them @ http://www.pagodabox.com/ and check the "Adventures in the cloud" video:

  • Awesome! :) Congrats!

    [edit] I noticed the kohana logo is yellow on their website, is there a meaning behind that?

  • The color is a little off, but it's generally right. I gave them a .ai file. I'll mention it to them.

  • Do you mind telling us what pieces of the website we have with Pagodabox? I think it will be a good guide for some folks here to see what kind of environment kohanaframework.org and the forums run on -- # of app instances, etc. (maybe the boxfile?) ... or is this in github somewhere?

    Been working with dotcloud just because they have a lot more non-PHP stuff but I do like the UI on Pagodabox. I'm paying NewRelic and ServerDensity $100 each just for monitoring ...

    How do you use other services with pagodabox? I'm assuming it's just with another provider ... isn't there some latency jumping across datacenters? They are with Softlayer so if you have some other services on Amazon AWS or Linode, does that work good enough?

  • Do you mind telling us what pieces of the website we have with Pagodabox?

    Both the main website and forums are in repos in our github accounts. You can see our Boxfiles, etc.

    Main website is running on a free instance app.

    Forums is running on a 2 instance / 200MB db ram app.

    Both sites are sitting behind CloudFlare caching proxies.

    How do you use other services with pagoda box?

    We don't use any other services for these two websites, they are entirely self contained.

    We're investigating where we can move our redmine app, then we can dump SliceHost.

  • Pretty slick looks like it makes it easy for anybody who wasn't the price and stability benefit of the cloud with out all the administrative headache that comes with Amazon :) Looks very price competitive too

  • How does it works exactly with kohana projects?

    Basically, I have to push my git repo and that's it?

    Will it create an instance for me with php, apache and what not?

  • @zombor did you figure out where to move Redmine? I'm trying out http://plan.io (hosted, they deal with everything like backups, HA, etc.) but I don't think you can do custom plugins

  • No, we haven't. Heroku is on our test list, but we haven't had time to try it out and see if it can handle our load.

  • Congratulations! :)

  • That clip is so gay. :(

  • I think it's great. :)

  • Yeah it's pretty cool. The dorkiness is kind a little too much in places but it's okey. :)

  • @zombor how are you guys doing sessions in pagodabox (memcached is still not around) -- using their "writable directories" or just use the DB?

  • We didn't do anything special, so I'd guess it's just using native sessions.

  • I see session directories on shared writable directories, maybe they configured it to have shared session directories across instances. It was not there when I first set it up during November.

  • Huh! This pagodabox thing is just awesome.

  • The default Kohana installation there seems kinda outdated (3.2 is the only version you can install without having to start from an empty repo app)

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