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Kohana module to merge PDF's
  • I'm searching for a module to merge PDF's that were generated by shadowhand's pdfview module. Does someone know that such module allready exists or would someone be interested in making this module (I'm willing to pay for an open-source contribution). I was trying to make such a module with PDF Merger (http://pdfmerger.codeplex.com) but it won't work...

  • By "merge" do you mean using each PDF as a separate page in a larger PDF?

  • Yes indeed.

  • Though I know little about module, I think you can merge PDF files by Kvisoft PDF Merger, which is an excellent tool I have ever used.

  • well, I have downloaded the Kvisoft PDF Merger and it works fine, I love it and would like to share with you. pdf to page flip

  • Using each PDF as a separate page in a larger PDF? Try this PDF solution: page flip software, to separate A PDF to flipping pages.

  • While we're necrobumping - I recently wrote a Fax class for a non-kohana-project. Using the poppler package and more specifically '/usr/bin/pdfunite' (path on Debian Wheezy) is very straight forward:
    /usr/bin/pdfunite <input1.pdf> ... <inputN.pdf> <output.pdf>

    IIRC, also the ghostscript-package has a similar tool and there is always the swiss army tool 'pdftk' to give ample possibilities (if you have root access to the server to install packages and give www-data permissions...)

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