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MySQL Match
  • Please please please add MySQL match to the database module. I am currently having to hack it in, and while you guys have been great to help how to do that, this is something that would make building smarter searches into Kohana a snap.


    db->select()->from('table')->match('table','term')->match('table','term',REQUIRED)->ORDERBY(match, desc)->execute();

    results would be something like this...

    ->title ->desc ->match_score

  • We don't add database specific methods.

  • Why don't you just extend the base database module and add it yourself then share it with others :)

  • Can't you use DB::expr() for it?

  • I don't think so. MySQL MATCH isn't a where clause. It's its own expression.

  • Well, then do as feketegy said.

  • We try to avoid adding database-specific code to the Database module. Recommend creating a module that adds it and make it available to the community.

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