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Kohana Forums: Edit Discussion Error
  • Discussions -> My Discussions -> 'Multiple Internal Requests and POST data' -> Options -> Edit

    Url: http://forum.kohanaframework.org/vanilla/post/editdiscussion/10351

    Bonk Something funky happened. Please bear with us while we iron out the kink

    Edit: i can edit this discussion but not the other one... weird.

  • Weird, I can edit your post just fine (I have admin rights..).

    Maybe try clearing out session/cookies and having another go? (before I start digging into the logs :/)

  • Isn't it tied into the post edit. Since you can't edit posts you can't edit the discussion. You could edit this one only because you did it within the 6 minutes. I'm assuming the the actual issue here is that you see Options / Edit when you don't actually have the rights. Since kiall has admin rights this doesn't affect him, obviously.

  • @kiall, i have cleared my browser cache but it still doesnt work.

  • I get this error on every forum page when viewed on my mobile phone. Its an Iphone with ios5.

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