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Two small enhancements I'd like to get in 3.3
  • Hi

    I'm very excited for 3.3, the Kohana devs have been putting a lot of working into this release which is awesome to see, big thanks all round!

    There's two small enhancements I'd like to get in 3.3. IMO these enhancements are trivial to implement but will make life a lot easier for me.

    Enhancment 1: http://dev.kohanaframework.org/issues/4413

    Kohana::init() sets the config, overwriting any previously set config. If I want to load the config and attach a config reader before Kohana::init(), then I need to re-attach the the config reader to a new config instance after Kohana::init()

    Use case:

    Kohana::$config = new Config;
    Kohana::$config->attach(new Config_File);
    if (Kohana::$environment != Kohana::PRODUCTION)
        Kohana::$config->attach(new Config_File('config/environments/'.$env));
    // It's just sillyness from here..
    Kohana::$config->attach(new Config_File);
    if (Kohana::$environment != Kohana::PRODUCTION)
        Kohana::$config->attach(new Config_File('config/environments/'.$env));

    Enhancement 2: http://dev.kohanaframework.org/issues/4432

    The Model_User::get_password_validation() 'password_confirm' validation rule is incorrect, and results in the validation message "password confirm must be the same as password confirm". This is really a quick fix, as outlined in the pull request in the ticket.

    I hope these enhancements/fixes will make it into 3.3, as they don't appear to be part of the roadmap.

    Many thanks!

  • +1 for them

  • Many thanks for considering these enhancements, they now appear to be part of 3.3 roadmap :)

  • @badsyntax: Yea, It's hard to really keep track of all the tickets that get filed! Sometimes we just need a poke to notice them ;)

  • @kiall, hope it's OK - I've just taken you at your word and given a poke on Redmine re a couple of issues that I think have been mergeable for some time and would love to see implemented in the 3.2.1/3.3 release cycle if possible:

  • Regarding enhancement 1 (http://dev.kohanaframework.org/issues/4413) - I fixed the issue and sent a pull request (https://github.com/kohana/core/pull/206) a while back.

    I noticed it has passed the build test so I guess it is ready to be merged into 3.2 and 3.3?

  • I just noticed URL::query() isn't being fixed in 3.3, why is that?


  • @Kemo That was a bulk un-schedule - we had hundreds of tickets allocated to 3.3, many of which were invalid or we just didnt have time to review properly!

    But - That's probably something that should be fixed, I've added it to the 3.3 list...


    #4232/#4237 has been merged into 3.2 and 3.3 (If github ever comes back online for me to push it!)

    #3529 would need to be updated for 3.3 - and quickly! 3.3 is meant to be feature frozen already... I had a quick go at merging it to 3.3, but it seems to break with the PSR-0 changes..

    #4323 probably won't be merged - we've vendored PHPUnit in 3.3, keeping compatibility with the latest PHPUnit has always taken too much time. Even if this fix works, we'll only end up in the same place when phpunit 3.7 (or 3.6.bla) comes out..

  • @kiall thanks - I've updated the #3529 userguide ticket.

    I do think the PHPUnit stuff merits further discussion and will comment in the ticket to keep it contained.

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