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Open Classifieds 2.0. using Kohana
  • Hello,

    Since long time a go I've been thinking in the future of Open Classifieds (OC) http://open-classifieds.com/ and we need to move forward to grow more ;)

    I think right now OC it is a great product and is helping a lot of people, more than 100K downloads and thousands of sites running this software are the best indicators.

    The biggest problem as a development team we've been facing is the scalability of the code. This started as an small script with really limited functionality, that I used to learn PHP. Not best practices implemented and lot of technological debt that needs to be paid.

    So as a resume, I can say that what we want to achieve with OC 2.0 is:

    -Get same features as latest release -Improve quality of code -Have coding standards -Do good code documentation -Allow the project to evolve without big problems -Create a configuration manager (the one we have right now is poor) -Automatic upgrades -Plugin system

    For current users we will prepare as always an upgrade tool to make it super easy.

    Project planning is going to be done using pivotal tracker. Is an easy way to handle stories and control which work is done.

    So here is the branch for the new OC reloaded. If you want to get access to the repo as commiter please let me know. http://code.google.com/p/openclassifieds/source/browse/#svn/branches/2.0

    The core (framework) for the application is going to be using Kohana 3.2.

    I chose kohana over other frameworks for few reasons:

    -Download size 3MB with everything included -Great community -Good documentation -Readable core code -Modules enabled -Fast to learn (I already use it for other projects) -Pure MVC

    As resume what we need:

    -PHP developers used to work on KO -Designers to do new amazing templates for OC -Beta testers -Any other help is more than welcome!

    Please don't be shy and give us your feedback ;)

    ps: there's no delivery date and I don't want to fix one, since my timing right now it is really limited. ps2: I hope this is the right forum for such announcement.

  • Please consider hosting on GitHub. It makes it easier to follow the development of products that may be interesting.

  • I hope you find support and develop your app. Please move to Github.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your comments we will study the possibility of moving the project to GitHub, but right now we are used to work on SVN and it works fine from there. No problems so far.

    Thanks and I will keep you posted for any news.

  • The issue is more... how well does it work for your users? People use github because it works great for the community. If I have to physically download your code to use it then 50/50 chance I'll try everything else first.

  • You'll get waaaaay more feedback, contributions etc on Github.

  • Since almost all other kohana applications and kohana itself is on github it's really recommended to move your project to github.

  • +1 for github and Git in general... it's a blessing in contrast to SVN

  • Hello,

    The collaborators that we are currently working on the project including me, we lack of experience using git/github.

    If the benefits are so great we don't see the problem on changing it of course.

    If somebody wants to contact me to help doing such task and explaining the team how to setup the environment and the integration with the IDE then sure we do it ;) please do at admin [at] open-classifieds.com.

    Also besides the SCM tool, the most important part is the development. We have experience in KO, but any other help suggestion is welcome.

    We are looking forward to get help from this community and to help more people to know KO (we have more than 12K installations working). That sure will be good to KO and the freelancing world with KO.


  • To improve your development process, although I don't know if you're already doing it, but create unit tests, setup Jenkins CI, etc. to make the code as robust as possible

  • @chema: Take a look here on how to import your subversion to github: http://help.github.com/import-from-subversion/

    For more info on git and how to use github browser the tutoials (take note of the menu right): http://help.github.com/linux-set-up-git/

  • @chema

    Github is pretty much idiot proof. In addition to http://help.github.com/ you should get pretty detailed code snippets for setting up everything as you go. You can use sites like http://gitref.org/ if you need more generic help using git itself and detail explanation on why things work as they do.

  • @chema In addition for setting up a pretty solid Git workflow you could use the topic branch model http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/

    This model helps you to execute painless merges, unlike SVN ;)

    I believe Kohana uses this model... or very similar

  • @feketegy we will try to use as much as unit test as we can and also we have a good community to help testing new features. About Jenkins, I need to take a close look to it if fits to our needs.

    @Akki it seems I'm pretty idiot since I couldn't make it work properly integrated in the Eclipse IDE (exactly 1 year a go). any help is more than welcome.

    @rjd22 @feketegy thanks for the useful links I will take a look at them as soon as I have time ;)

    Please if you want to help get in contact with me, I want to spend the little time that I have in the development and not thinking in the SCM tools as you can imagine since I think it's right now more important.

    Using github or SVN it's not a blocking issue, and should not be any inconvenient to move forward developing.


  • I think you probably started development with KO 3.2, but I would suggest to convert it to KO 3.3. Especially for Composer support.

  • yep, that's no problem to migrate to 3.3, just few changes I will do in next weeks.

    Also I don't see people interested to help, so I will post a job on odesk.com, so if any body is interested on getting paid and working for a open source project may apply, I know we can't pay much on hourly rate, but we are struggling to figure out how to make more money from the project and keep it open sourced.

    This is the odesk.com link: https://www.odesk.com/o/jobs/job/_~010a225c0829ff8c05/

    And also you can contact me directly at [email protected] if you have any other doubt.


  • Be aware that upgrading to 3.3 is not that easy as 1,2,3

  • I see, I've been trying....madness. Also many modules won't work....so I will let it be for a while on 3.2.2.

  • I would try to migrate it to 3.3. That's the way forward for Kohana

  • Hello,

    Please take a look to the update: http://forum.kohanaframework.org/discussion/comment/77676


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