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FacebookAuth module for Kohana 3.2
  • Hi!

    I just updated my (first) module for Kohana 3.2, called "FacebookAuth". If u want to implement facebook login, use it!

    Link: https://github.com/mobal/kohana-facebookauth-module

    Modified facebook.php (Facebook SDK), now using Kohana's Session manager!

    Waiting for feedback! Bugreport, ideas etc.



  • Your documentation has a typo :P

    if($fb->logged_in()) {
        echo $fb->get('email);
    } else {

    Request::current() not Request::curren()

  • Yes! Thanks for help @MasterGberry

  • Updated, some comment, typo fixed.

  • Does this module support registration using facebook? I will probably eventually design a module that allows you to register on the kohana framework using google, yahoo, windows live, and facebook

  • I think yes. When you register with facebook, u check that the user is available in facebooks database. If yes, u copy the user id, name, email, etc. after next time login you will check only the ids - both available in your and facebooks database. With this method.


  • What about logout? Just redirect to $fb->logout_url() doesn't clear session data as I see. So, after Request::current()->redirect($fb->logout_url()); the $fb->logged_in() returns TRUE. What do I do wrong?

  • Igreh:

    You need to redirect back yourself. The Facebook app's settings are correct?

  • I don't understand what does "redirect back" mean in this situation, but I do the following: 1. Logout using native auth module 2. SESSION::instance()->destroy(); // to remove all session's data associated with facebook 3. $fb = FacebookAuth::factory(); Request::current()->redirect($fb->logout_url());

    Facebook settings seem to be correct, because it works fine

  • @mobal Awsome! Thank you for posting!

  • @Igreh than i don't know what is the problem. It works for me fine. Maybe a little "bug" in the machine? You need to redirect yourself to the "logout page".

  • I was just going to create a wrapper for facebook api in kohana way. Good thing there is already one. Zombor's one is 2 years old, and this one looks very good. Idk if some1 from the kohana development team can check the code and improve it if some parts need to. Thanks @mobal for sharing!! Good job!

  • I wonder... how to get the appId from the FacebookAuth object? I think we should implement a function to get properties from the fb object itself. This way we could do fb->method('appId') instead of doing Kohana::$config->load('facebook')->get('appId').

    What do u think ?

  • Don't you need to have the appID in order to interact with the Facebook app in the first place?

    Personally, I think the Kohana::$config->load('file.key') is already very handy. I like the consistency of loading configs in that way.

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