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Great Framework
  • Hi all,

    I have been in that horrible conundrum of trying to pick a framework and avoided Kohana because of 'bad documentation' that everything seems to throw about. After actually reading the introductions and basic documentation I have to say it drew me in. There does seem to be some inconsistencies but a quick 'find' seems to solve nearly all my problems thanks to some awesome coding!

    The whole framework feels in-line with my logic and so far I haven't felt like I've been forced to go down a certain route and learn some weird abstraction with anything I've made. That is what tends to turn me away from most frameworks.

    Anyway great framework and its been a pleasure to use thus far!

  • @Gibbs welcome :-)

  • Welcome, and +1. Kohana is very logical and I feel it has really developed my own skills to use it...

  • Whee-haaa!! It goes nice with milk and cherries too :)

  • I'm new to it too, and i like it so far. Still digging into it to discover more...

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