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kohanaPress: Sample code released (kohana 3.2)
  • kohanaPress is a CMS for Just another WordPress site, sample code for beginners written by kohana 3.2.

     kohanaPress は WordPress そっくりの CMS です。サンプルコードは kohana 3.2 ベースで書かれていて、初心者に好適です。

    Sample code: http://bit.ly/KiUSjw

    Demo site: http://bit.ly/KSJ8Hc

  • Hello @dari looks great. Could you make some screenshots of the admin panel?

  • Hello @rjd22, @Akki.

    My demo site is aimed to demonstrate and test kohanaPress for evey kohana users. Please feel free to get your account. You can register your user name and dummy e-mail address. Since I was using the free rental server, kohanaPress will not be able to send your password. So all your password is 123456, sorry.

  • I'm getting a: HTTP_Exception_404 [ 404 ]: The requested URL test12_admin was not found on this server.

  • Good morning @rjd22.

    Sorry, Admin-only page is not made. I think it is easy to create Admin-pages If you adapt the sample code.

  • isset($_GET['page']) ? $page = $_GET['page'] : $page = NULL; can be shortened as $page = Arr::get($_GET, 'page') or Request::initial()->query('page')

  • $this->request->query('page') ;)

    You should pretty much never use Request::initial().

  • Hello @biakaveron.

    Thanks a lot! If there is any thing you noticed, please tell me more.

  • screenshots

    List of Posts

    After posting of 10,000 consecutive


    List of Media


  • Hmmm, I don't exactly understand what is KohanaPress... does it embed Wordpress or is it standalone ?

  • Good morning @spirit.

    PHP logic is fully standalone. Javascript is harf. Style sheet is almost WordPress.

    KohanaPress emulates WordPress.

  • @dari88: When you are done with all functionality email Matt to replace Wordpress for your source. Most likely it's better than what they have now :P

  • Hello @rjd22.

    Thank you!

    Source code of WordPress is complex, it is difficult to read. I think it is better to rewrite using kohana.

    I'll try to propose to Matt in the near future・・・(^^;;;

  • I agree that Wordpress source code is difficult to read and understand.. it takes time. We already developed a CMS (http://gleezcms.org) based on Kohana 3.2 Have a look..

    Sorry for hijacking the thread.. just for info

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