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Great framework, but less Documentation
  • I love using kohana but documentations sometimes kills me, and im not always online can't search the web when sometimes your in a remote place, ipretty nice if you have a documentation inside the system. for references . .

  • There is a userguide for this purpose... Include it in your application modules and navigate to yoursite/userguide.
    Userguide API - http://kohanaframework.org/3.2/guide/api/

  • Haha. Yeah. Look in your guide folder on the filesystem.

  • And especially valuable -- if you phpdoc comment your code, your own code appears in the /guide/api documentation. This is a tremendous resource, and I can't stress enough that you take advantage of it.

    Documentation-wise, I think the only thing really lacking in Kohana is a good (and central, and carefully curated) collection of tutorials to help get people past the first few humps of the learning curve.

    Kohana users tend to be pretty individualistic, so even though there's great community, there's not a lot of community learning. You're going to find that DIY is huge here.

  • Yes , thank you all, i found that already , but i was looking for something like, a more user friendly environment USER GUIDE,. . I felt like i was too demanding while reading my post again, but it's just a suggestion :D, more power Kohana TEAM .

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