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Hello everyone ! I'm using Kohana since 3 months or so, but I'm new to this forum.
  • Okay let's start over. My name is Guillaume Poirier-Morency and I'm a young dev working (not 20 yet and about to begin university) in a micro-business called Hète.ca (http://www.hete.ca). I'm from Quebec, Canada. I like and play progressive rock music, love git, am crazy about libre software.

    My first experience in Kohana was tremedous : started with 3.2 just released, no doc, on my own. Did few mistakes and had a pain to comprehend route stuff. Then learned, and I use the framework pretty efficently now ! Modularized my code snippets (check them out here : https://github.com/organizations/Hete) and dealing quite well with ORM (a killer feature of Kohana along with Validations). I really hope to share with your community, meet people, get on some good talk about software development, and music, and ethics, and stuff !

    Also, thank you really for offering me a real opportunity to work with a quality framework (haha.. you know, we all used to do pure PHP from zero) !

  • Welcome to the club arteymix, great to hear your expierence with Kohana! Though the community is still on his grounds and we don't chitchat alot, we are helpful and open for discussions about quality, architecture and everything around coding :-P

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