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We need a professional PHP developer for WordPress plugins (contract)
  • Preamble

    I used to be very active in the KohanaPHP community and I know a fair amount of you are excellent PHP programmers so I thought I would throw this opportunity out there. Unfortunately you wouldn't be doing any development in Kohana, only for our company's WordPress plugins - you would get to work closely with WPEngine (Jason Cohen is an investor in our company) as they are featuring our plugins to their customers. Our primary web application is built on-top of nginx, uWSGI, Python, and the Pyramid framework (alternatively, we are looking for a full-time Python programmer in Austin, TX; if you can do both excellently then we would be very interested).

    The Opportunity

    • Contract WordPress plugin development interfacing with our product's API's to provide our data directly in user's blogs.
    • Chance to work with a small, funded, and growing startup on interesting products.

    Compensation is competitive provided your skill set and experience are advanced and professional (ie, I'm willing to - and can - pay well for high-quality programming).

    About Us

    Whoosh Traffic (http://whooshtraffic.com) is a funded company that is close to profitability with four solid products, many paying customers, and about 2% growth per-day. We offer easy to use tools to business owners and marketing heads to track the ROI and progress of their SEO campaigns. Whoosh Traffic is located in Austin, TX at the Capital Factory offices in downtown Austin.

    About Me

    I'm Parnell Springmeyer and the CTO/Co-founder of Whoosh Traffic. I've been with KohanaPHP since the Code Igniter -> Blue Flame -> Kohana days; I contributed code to Kohana and also produced many community modules. I'm an Erlang, Haskell, and Python programmer these days and use Erlang quite a bit at Whoosh Traffic for our major system services and API's.

    If this interests you and you feel you meet the (very general) criteria above, I would like to talk to you further: [email protected]