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Hello there! Upgraded from CodeIgniter.
  • I'd like to say hello to everyone and introduce myself; my name is Austin. I'm a 19 year-old developer, I focus my energies mainly towards PHP. In the past I used to use the CodeIgniter framework, but after a while I got tired of it, and felt an upgrade was desperately needed. I'm new to Kohana so please bear with me, but hopefully I'll be the one giving advice in the future.

    Best Regards, Austin.

  • Welcome friend ;-)

  • Welcome to Kohana and wise move!

  • What you need to know that, although Kohana has its roots in CodeIgniter, this is true up until Kohana version 2, which is not supported anymore (correct me if I'm wrong).

    But Kohana 3x is a complete rewrite from scratch that has nothing to do with CodeIgniter.

  • @feketegy: AFAIK even ko 2.x was nothing like CI anymore

  • That's awesome to hear actually! Because I love Kohana already and would hate to hear it's still "tainted'.. ;)

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