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Multiplayer battleship game on Kohana
  • Hello,

    I have been working for some time now on this battleship game and i would love to hear your feedback.

    You can find it here: http://boomboomboat.com

    It is built on kohana, and has been the biggest project i built using this framework so far. I have to say, apart from the external request status isolation (that will be fixed in 3.3 afaik), kohana was the perfect building ground for this (relative to my experience). We have given emphasis to the multiplayer aspect and tried to make the experience as unobtrusive as possible. Note that it's a work in progress or so to speak. Any feedback at all would be more than welcome!

    Thanks in advance!

  • Pretty cool, coudnt find anybody to play with, but the solo game was good. I wonder how fair the enemy ai is, since I lost by just 1 move.

  • @goyote thanks. The ai is not cheating in any way. You can beat it easily in the long run. It just emulates the way an intermediate player would play. Any feedback on the interface (lobby/in-game)?

  • really nice, felt really responsive in all the senses, playing on firefox 16.0.1. the ai doesn't seem to cheat indeed.

  • It would be nice if the AI would cheat a little for advanced players ;)

  • @pocesar , @dineshah thanks

    @rjd22 this has crossed my mind, but i can make it a bit more clever without cheating. Yet i don't think everybody would like a toughest challenge

  • @vev well chess bots cheat too ;) But maybe you can make a setting like easy, medium, hard

  • @rjd22 yeah, my thoughts exactly! medium and hard. easy would be tedious

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