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Idea for a kohana application: feasability study!
  • Hi,

    I am thinking about using kohana to start an opensource project and would like to hear from any seasoned kohana users about it´s feasability.

    General:It is a public participation platform which will be used to gather information ie reports from either anonymous or registered users.

    1. so the first thing the application needs is the authentification modules, but also the ability to allow non-registered users to send their reports.
    2. reports from users/anon will be saved in a database.
    3. registered users will need a backend area to see what they have written.
    4. when a report has been written, it will have either the status of "draft" or "sent". A report that has a "draft" status is basically just a report which the user can read and edit. A "sent" report cannot be edited, but can be seen by the user who wrote it.
    5. (this is the hard bit I think!) Reports are made with reference to either a pdf document with chapter title being the reference point of the report - OR/AND as a reference to a Map which will be coded using the openlayers library. I would imagine this as a view which has two tabs..."text" and "map". the "text tab would show the pdf and the chapters. A users/anon user would be able to use a drop down box to pick a chapter. The chapter would then be displayed in the pdf, and beside the pdf display would be a form which would be used to write a comment. The chapter, username, time, and comment would all then be saved into the database. In the "Map" tab the map would be displayed and using the openlayers drawing tools, the users would be able to sketch geometry into the map and write a comment regarding the sketch.
    6. Besides the anon users and registered users, there would also be an admin user role/s who woul be able to see,edit ,delete, comment privately to "sent" reports.

    So all in all a platform for public participation using pdf and maps as a reference for reporting.

    Can anyone tell me whether this kind of application is feasable using kohana 3.3? or earlier versions? Are the modules/bundles/ etc available to implement pdf reading and bookmark reading from pdfs?

    Thanks for any replies,


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