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Sharing my project's code (written in 3.3 w/ORM)
  • Hi guys!

    I wrote an application about two years ago (I did it in Kohana 3.2/develop branch though). My idea started just by exploring the 3.2 changes and see how I liked them. At the time, I just loved Smarty templates (not a big fan today, as i developed towards using just pure php). It also had really nice admin backend, but when the project was like 80% finished, I just gave up on it (you guys know how it is ... )

    Anyways, I ported the code to 3.3/master and rewrote some things, got rid of smarty, followed coding guide etc. and would like to share my project for any of those who wants to see how finished Kohana 3.3 product may look like.


    Some screenshots:

    image image image image image