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Kohana Best Practices
  • I lost a new tutorial by the hand of one of you guys. It was a multi-part series of "best practices" in Kohana. I believe it was about topics like Behat, Inversion of Control,... Anybody got a clue?

  • Nope, it was a blog, from 2011-2012. In a few parts. But it still was incomplete. I was not dreaming, was I? :s

  • Sounds like mine :p

  • Because it was a github, I didn't click the link...
    It was yours! Thank you Zombor. I learned a lot from it. I like you. <3

  • @zombor good stuff there! Any idea when the next part will be published?

  • Sometime soon. I need to get some motivation going.

  • Wow - and all this time I was complaining there are no good tutorials out there... It still is a lot to take in, but this will make understanding OOP and Kohana much easier. Please continue the series (and maybe put a link to your blog in the Kohana docs?)!


  • Learnt a new thing today, DCI. Wonder how to design that into my 90% working kohana application. Anyhow great tutorial, thanks @zombor

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