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copy method in ORM module
  • It's as simple as this :

    public function copy() {
        return clone $this;

    Let's say you have to apply a count_all() method before limiting and filtering your model, you can apply this to a copy like the following :

    $foo = ORM::factory("foo");
    $count = foo
        ->where("foo", ">", "foo")
    $results = $foo->find_all();

    It's by far a much cleaner way to work instead of handling multiple instances. However, if the clone is saved, it will get confilcted with its original.

  • Why not:

    $foo = ORM::factory('Foo') ->where('foo', '=', 'bar');

    $count = $foo->reset(FALSE) ->count_all();

    $foos = $foo->find_all();

  • Using reset(FALSE) can have problems if the query was built including ORM::with().

  • Reset cleans the query, which is not always desired. I just need to fetch two time, but not have to rebuild twice the same conditions. I think it's relevent enough to end in the default api.

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