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Kohana 3.3 redirect problem, no errors
  • Hello everyone. I am a new to Kohana and I am trying to develop a web app. I have made some configurations to the bootstrap.php:

        'base_url'   => 'http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/permanent/',
        'index_file' => false
        'auth'       => MODPATH.'auth',       // Basic authentication
        // 'cache'      => MODPATH.'cache',      // Caching with multiple backends
        // 'codebench'  => MODPATH.'codebench',  // Benchmarking tool
        'database'   => MODPATH.'database',   // Database access
        // 'image'      => MODPATH.'image',      // Image manipulation
        // 'minion'     => MODPATH.'minion',     // CLI Tasks
        'orm'        => MODPATH.'orm',        // Object Relationship Mapping
        // 'unittest'   => MODPATH.'unittest',   // Unit testing
        // 'userguide'  => MODPATH.'userguide',  // User guide and API documentation

    I have managed to configure the routes and everything is fine except the redirect. I have installed and configured all the php extensions required by Kohana (except mysql, which is not needed at the moment). The problem is at this point:

    if($this->request->post('reset')!==null) { $this->redirect("http://google.com"); }

    If I try to redirect with: header("Location: google.com"); die(); everything if working perfect, but if I try to use the kohana framework function it is giving me a white screen with no content. I have checked the apache / php / kohana logs and there is no error logged.

    Thanks to everyone who have spent time reading my post. I hope the more advanced users will help me.

    P.S. If the category of this post is not the right one, please move it.