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Twitter Bootstrap helper 3.3
  • Hi guys, I am in the middle of prototyping helper class for Twitter Bootstrap 2.2

    What do you think, and do you have any requests/thoughts of this ?


    currently I am writing Bootstrap::dropdown($items), Bootstrap::nav($items), Bootstrap::pagination(),

    And maby generic start class like

    Bootstrap::start('well', array('id' => 'awesome'))

    <div class="well" id="awesome">

  • Why not just use plain HTML?

  • Because the Twitter Bootstrap framework is the largest and most used element set of today and always growing.

    Bootstrap API changes from time to time, and requires the HTML structure to be updated, but by using a Kohana module, It can be automatically update HTML structure to meet the requirements.

    Maintainability man, forever!

  • Bootstrap API changes from time to time

    Very rarely.

    Maintainability man, forever!

    Not forever, until you're interested.

    But if you want, you may take this code: https://github.com/patricktalmadge/bootstrapper

  • Why not just use plain HTML?

    Because for some reason, people like writing html in code and make it a horrible unmaintainable mess.

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