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Understanding Mustache/Kostache Cache
  • Hi all !

    I try to understand how mustache cache works.

    Layout + View give me 3 files:

    • (1) A compiled version of layout.mustache, with kind of binding params
    • (2) A compiled version of myview.mustache, with kind of binding params
    • (3) A full compiled version of myview.mustache, like static content

    Questions (applicable in a production environnement):

    • a. Does the file (3) exist because myview is the ">content" partial of Kostache layout ?
    • b. On what basis mustache can retrieve a full compiled version of a view ?
    • c. If i change a .mustache file, how can i delete old right files cache ?

    Thank for your help!

    • a. Yes, because Kostache_Layout renders it separately first.
    • b. If it doesn't contain pre-rendered content or higher order sections (cached separately), AFAIK.
    • c. There's no 'garbage collector' as far as I can see ... this would be quite handy, otherwise it's a manual cleanout of the cache dir.

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