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need Kohana development group
  • Good day Kohana board,

    I am posting on this forum looking for a group who could help complete the development of our website. Our site has been developed with Kohana, and a custom CMS called Lattice, which gives us the back-end access and controls for managing the site resources. I am probably explaining this wrong, and if so please forgive me. I work at the commissioning company, and visually designed the site, but have been working closely with a talented developer / designer to bring the idea into reality. This other designer lost his back end developer, and I am now needing more resources and help (ideally a group or company who is able to work in this language), to work with us moving forward.

    There is a bit of development work left involved with a client access portion to our site, and some of the CMS's media management structure.

    We are based in NYC and I am looking for a local company / support to help us move forward with this project. I would appreciate any leads if anyone is in the know, or is able to help.

    Our site: www.harborpicturecompany.com

    Please share any thoughts, thanks,


    [email protected]