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About Multi primary keys / foreign keys in ORM Issue
  • There it is


    I'm really need this feauture.

    So, i have two tables block's and composites. And table Composites_Blocks with columns id_block, id_composite. I want work with relations using ORM::add() method. It's ok.

    But then i want store some data in Composites_Blocks rows, like coords of block in this composite and i have columsn in Composites_Blocks - "x" and "y". When i want create or remove relation in Composites_Blocks i use ORM:: add() and ORM::remove() methods. When i need update data in Composites_Blocks i'm use ORM::factory("Composites_Blocks");


    And what i need write in $_primary_key when i have multy keys as one key (id_block and id_composite) ??? If $_primary_key empty then i have "not loaded" error when try update.

    If i write just id_block or id_composite when i want update data in foreach this code work wrong.

    $relation = ORM::factory("orm_tanksblocks") ->where("id_composite", "=", $id_composite) ->and_where("id_block", "=", $orm_block->id_block) ->find();


    If i have two rows in Composites_Blocks with same id_composite It updates both rows or nothing.

    And now i need add ID column in Composites_Blocks and use this ID as $_primary_key and now it work fine.

    But why i need ID column?? It's not usefull for me and just leak memory in DB. This is wrong. Please, i need Multi primary keys in ORM.

  • Like the issue says, patches welcome. Composite keys are complicated to support, and very few people need it.

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