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Welcome to WellCart eCommerce Software
  • WellCart was founded by a team with proven expertise from leading eCommerce infrastructure company Magento Inc (X.commerce). We have a growing team of talented professionals who are deeply committed to a new vision of enterprise-class software delivery. What we do?

    We choose Kohana 3.3 to make a complete eCommerce platform that combines the flexibility, ease of use, high-performing full application suite.

    Team already released preview version as zip archive or on GitHub account, that you can install using composer. Distributive has a simple web installation wizard, product catalog, tax management, customer profile, cms, blog, initial code for shipping and payment support.

    The most notable feature of WellCart is the incredibly flexible modular design. Leveraging our collective eCommerce knowledge and years of experience building and working with eCommerce platforms, we're developing what we hope to be the fastest, most flexible, and well-built eCommerce platform built in PHP 5.3.

    We are proud of all those who have supported WellCart even in an early stage by developing new features, but also by sharing their invaluable experience while using WellCart in their first projects. We welcome your feedback and comments as we share our roadmap, product screenshots, feature ideas, and more.

    Project Homepage: www.wellcart.org

    Our Forums: forum.wellcart.org

    GitHub Account: https://github.com/wellcart/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/wellcart/

  • /admin/shipping/methods.html -> Page Not Found :(

  • /checkout/addresses: ErrorException [ Warning ]: Missing argument 2 for Kohana_View::bind(), called in checkout\classes\Controller\Addresses.php on line 33 and defined

  • /customer/account - works, admin/user/profile.html - Page Not Found

  • For now that's normal situation - project in active development phase, not all features works perfect. But we improve code every day, for inspiration and passionate we need to get initial feedback about look and feel, architectual concepts, etc.

  • So far - frontend and workflow OK, backend is ugly :/ Why you didn't use Twitter Bootstrap to make it modern? Sources - haven't look yet in details, modules looks fine, each has own migrations and so on, witch is good.

    Summary: thanks for making it all public, keep up, it can be a nice platform some day.

  • We think about moving backend ui to Twitter Bootstrap or Zurb foundation (it must be very fast & friendly with more ajaxed functionality).

  • Looks good. Just playing with OpenCart and all I could think was..., "why wasn't this built with Kohana?"

    Would definitely move to a tidy Kohana eCommerce solution. WellCart could easily be that software. (might wait for v1.0)

    Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for attention. According to project plan control panel will use Zurb foundation css. This will create a simple, elegant and responsive interface. Also minimal required PHP version was increased to 5.4.3 (because it's pushing forward dev infrastructure to new standards). Client validation will changed to jquery.validation (instead of ketchup plugin).

  • Nice initiative, but how can you compete with Magento on a serious level at the moment? Years ago I checked out Magento version 0 I guess, we couldn't even install it or get it running, but it had many options (back then already) regarding product configuration and templating. Of course Magento has proven itself over the years, I never got to it because it was too slow and complicated (back then anyway). But when I look at the code now I just see basic product setup + properties, or should I shut up and check back in a couple of months? :) Code looks clean though, so that's a plus.

  • Few simple points about our vision:

    1. We don't want and will not compete directly with Magento. Our own story is not about feature bloated over-engineered enterprise software.

    2. We are looking for the perfect balance of clear & nice architecture for developers (Rails-way style), well-documented platform, user guides and focusing on small-business needs. WellCart wants to provide the most essential functionality, but that will work very effectively to help selling a wide range of products & create an enjoyable customer experience.

    3. Our simple web-based software built in powerful framework, that makes possible to extend. After launching the extensions marketplace everyone will be able to add the required features a few clicks.

    4. We believe that our initiative will help develop Kohana community. Many programmers who work with Kohana, need high-quality stable modules, modern approaches, continuous improvement (without losing backward compatibility). We try to give the best solution for those who love Kohana & PHP development.

    WellCart beta release with the stable API and complete feature list is planned to the Fall of this year. Stay tuned.

  • Hi all I would really know something more from wellcart but when tried to take a look from my nexus 7 I was redirected on a Russian website. I switched to desktop mode and finally the website appears. Is it normal?

    Anyway wellkcart is a kohana module or is an application?

  • Thanks, Marco, website issue was fixed.

    WellCart is application with heavily abstracted MVC code and organized into mostly typical Kohana modules. In the next releases you can use it like a platform for for any purpose, not just for building web store.

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