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code generator
  • I am quite new to kohana and i think it is a very good simple and clean framework.

    Said that one of the things i fell most lack of is some code generation (like other fw out there) because all backoffice projects tend to have a lot of grids for displaying, filtering (...) data and a lot of forms for editing data. The time spent in generating the (almost same) code over and over before really starting serious developing is quite annoying (my opinion)...

    so i wonder what good modules for this task are out there?

    I am developing a code generator for kohana 3.3 (models, views, controllers) for my personal projects. The code generated can be easily costumized by changing the view templates. I don't know if this would be the best approach or if there is allready modules for this.

    can be tested here: http://nunochaves.com/ko33demo/index.php/codegen

    tell me what u think of this. thanks.

  • Seems to egnerate quite a lot of code, can you describe briefly what does it generate? Seems like some sort of editing pages for the models

  • it that example i costumized the controller and views code to generate a grid with jquery datatables plugin and a form in a lightbox. the views in the module are just templates and can be deleted or changed to suit different projects.


    action_index() : display the grid header and whatever we want to add. action_browse() : ajax action that uses datatables module to retrive data from db. there should be one of this actions per grid in the page action_edit() : renders and handles form post calling model validation and model save action_delete() : ajax action to delete one record. called from the grid.

    check out a demo here: http://nunochaves.com/ko33demo/index.php/admin/auth user: admin pass: admin

  • looks nice for creating crud for simple pages. sources are coming soon? :)

  • Hmm for such a purpose i'd rather usea generic controller that takes a model, looks into its columns and shows the ui. Imho there's little need to create separate classes for that. Especially since you can use a generic ui for each of entity.

  • Like i said this is just to generate the initial code to start the project. the controllers, views have to be costumized after generation to suit project need and business rules. Having a generic controller to take a module and generate a the ui can be limiting and if you want some costumization you have to stuff the models with code or have other files with metadata for that pourpose.

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