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Open Classifieds 2.0. Beta almost ready
  • Hello,

    Long a go we announced that Open Classifieds would be using KO as framework for the development http://forum.kohanaframework.org/discussion/10442/open-classifieds-2-0-using-kohana

    We are almost ready for a beta launch! We've been working pretty hard, and we have developed some interesting modules included in our software, also a nice installation system ;)

    If someone wants to take a look: https://github.com/open-classifieds/openclassifieds2/

    Nice stuff we've done with KO:

    • Themes behave like modules so you can load views from the theme and the theme has an ini.php to load widgets or custom code.
    • Widgets wordpress style stored as json in the DB config.
    • Auth with quicklogin roles and simple ACL based on controllers.
    • Gettext ready using dropins in case of failback, so translations will work for anyone
    • Pretty simple CMS to create pages, emails or any other content.
    • CRUD using formorm, create a model a controller and you get a great crud using Twitter bootstrap styles.
    • Super simple clean install coded in PHP not using any kohana classes, since it's used to check if we can actually install.
    • Sitemap generator
    • Dynamic routes using i18n translated
    • Improved profiler view to show included files, variables etc.
    • Admin panel using twitter bootstrap
    • Stats library using google charts

    Still loads of things to finish and a really important one is unit testing. https://github.com/open-classifieds/openclassifieds2/issues

    If anyone want to help please do not hesitate!

    We really believe that Open Classifieds with more that 35.000 installations world wide can bring a big push to Kohana an the developers for custom work ;)

  • I have taken a look and it looks interesting. Which version of Kohana are you using? It looks like 3.2?

  • yes 3.2. we had loads of problems with 3.3 specially with some modules. I know should not be difficult to migrate but I didn't managed to make it as easy as just replace files.


    Any other feedback? any collaboration? common!

  • ok, so the kohana community not really interested....great...I really expected more feedback or interaction. :(

  • Kohana seems to be on it's way down as a community framework. Development slowed down a lot, some devs moved to another languages. There isn't much going on in kohana world, people rather focus on their codebase / kohana forks than contribute/collaborate in other projects.

  • I see is absolutely true.

    In a friends company (150 employees) they moved to Fuel PHP since they couldn't get anything from KO, is just such a pity...

    Now I wonder if I made the right decision moving to KO, also I did report a bug and fix it on Github for the ORM but still not merged...6 month a go!

    I would love to help more but if the admins are not letting us help...also I see other project http://forum.kohanaframework.org/discussion/comment/77644 Gleez CMS and is in Russian plenty of feedback also many followers on github...

    Common guys! we can do this much better!

  • Hello,

    Nice work and interesting project, i've been waiting to see from years.
    BTW I'm the founder of Gleez CMS (https://github.com/gleez/cms) we brought many good features into Gleez. It's english mainly other supported languages are Russian, Chinese, Italian, fortunately its been popular in Russian community.

  • Hello,

    I am a watcher of your project, is funny since we did really similar approaches in the project.

    I think we can have a tight collaboration sharing code and experiences.

    For example we use themes like modules, so that allow us to have a init.php in each theme and use the kohana cascade system to load views/classes whatever. Or a nice extremely easy installation system that checks requirements etc...

    Also we have a pretty nice widget system that is extremely easy to use and fast since is cached with other site configs.

    I will take a closer look to your project since there's few things I am really interested! Like oAuth and Resize images on fly (we want to have this for specific on the theme).

  • Hi,

    Thank you. I'm just browsing your code, some features seems similar as you mentioned themes as modules, widgets etc. have been busy with other projects lately, this weekend I too give a closer look at your system.

    We're constantly adding new features recently we included jquery datatables for admin listings, now developers can implement datatables without writing single line of javascript. Have a look at the demo.

    It looks like i'm hijacking your thread, we can have separate thread.

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