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Hello from Beirut
  • Hello Kohana,

    I am a web developer from Beirut, Lebanon, doing PHP since 2003.

    I spent also few years on C#, then I came back to PHP and met the frameworks, mainly CodeIgniter. That was around 2008-2009. Later, I switched to Kohana because CI stagnated, and I looked for better OO approach. Kohana is great: amazing code, fantastic CFS, OO approach. Now I have modules shared between my applications. I am still using v3.2.

    I thought it's a good time to say hi :)

    I find the community great. I salute all who spent time creating the framework.

    With warm regards,


  • Hello! :-)

    I always like hearing about other people enjoying Kohana.

    Are any of your modules open source?

    — Sam (from Western Australia).

  • Hello Sam!

    Yeah... I am trying to put something together and open source.

    I will announce about it here in the forum, once it reaches beta.


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