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kohana-3.3 gitweb module
  • Hi guys.

    Remember the KoGit module for kohana 3.0 ?

    I rewritten the module from scratch and is now available for Kohana 3.3 projects.

    You can view a demo here: http://gitweb.forritun.org/gitweb

    GH: https://github.com/birkir/kohana-gitweb

    Any notes or comments are appreciated.


  • Nice work! Looks really good. Might come in use some day :)

    Offtopic: Since I got into composer, I was wondering how people were using composer in Kohana modules. Now I see one :) Question: Why you still have the git submodule in place?

  • Woops, I forgot to remove it.

    Initially, I added the git submodule and did an recursive update, but the GitElephant module pendent on modules defined in composer.json settings so I had to load the module with composer, its installs required modules recursively.

    Thx for the tip and feedback!

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