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Open Classifieds 2 launched
  • Hello,

    2 weeks a go we launched Open Classifieds 2.0 and have already more than 500 sites using it, therefore using Kohana.

    If someone wants to take a look at github https://github.com/open-classifieds/openclassifieds2/

    Nice stuff we've done with KO:

    • Themes behave like modules so you can load views from the theme and the theme has an init.php to load widgets or custom code.
    • Widgets wordpress style stored as json in the DB config.
    • Auth with quicklogin roles and simple ACL based on controllers.
    • Gettext ready using dropins in case of failback, so translations will work for anyone
    • Gettext admin module to modify any text and integrated with google translate
    • Pretty simple CMS to create pages, emails or any other content.
    • CRUD using formorm, create a model a controller and you get a great crud using Twitter bootstrap styles.
    • Super simple clean install coded in PHP not using any kohana classes, since it's used to check if we can actually install.
    • Sitemap generator
    • Dynamic routes using i18n translated
    • Improved profiler view to show included files, variables etc.
    • Admin panel using twitter bootstrap
    • Stats library using google charts
    • Mobile detector and usage of mobile theme if needed
    • Kohana log viewer
    • Fragments with cache to load rendered views (different than KO fragments but integrated with views)
    • Added compatibility for htaccess such as dreamhost / godaddy
    • many other small iprovements

    We are trying to find collaborators, testers or anything we are getting loads of requests for customization and we need developers who knows Kohana.

    I hope this works, I am a bit disapointed with the reaction when we launched the beta and we announced it in this same forum.

  • I think you will get more traction here on the "backend" stuff. For example if you created modules for all the nice stuff you've done, you may get somebody who needs just that particular piece ... most of the folks here may not have a use for a full-blown classified system (like me)

  • Hi @chema I think what chrisgo is saying is true. Not everyone here needs this and thus not react. Most of the people here are discussing and sometimes help newbies.

    Though a suggestion: if you need help maybe change the title a bit more non-marketing.

  • Hello,

    Thanks guys!

    Yes maybe title is comercial I like to be transparent and not trying to sell anything here, I just want people to realize that probably if not already Open Classifieds is the one that makes Kohana more wide available in number of websites or download. And seems that doesnt matter.

    I will love to create some modules but many of the enumerated stuff is too deeply integrated and will give us an effort difficult to execute right now with our situation.

    Also I am thinking to create a market for OC customizations therefore KO related, and I think could have a nice success.

  • @chema: I like the idea of themes/skins being normal modules! I've been trying to do this in a couple of projects... brings home the importance of making small discrete view files, for easier overriding. Of course, the order in which modules are loaded becomes more important too.

  • Thanks, yes it is really comfortable, since we have a default theme and all the other themes if they do not have a view they go and read it from default.

    It is really handy ;) We make money from the themes so we need to make it really easy.

    Also we have a nice widget / sidebars system that is really easy to integrate and goes really fast.

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