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Kohana Feeds Scalability
  • When using Kohana what technologies and techniques you use for scalability and optimize the simple feeds that contains text and images? do you use Memcached, Redis, Amazon Web Services, NoSQL, XML files, etc. ?

  • You won't get any good answer here if you're not more specific.

    Why are you concerned about scalability? How many requests/sec does your site get?

  • WEB SCALE!!!!!!

  • @feketegy I'm planning to build a big site using Kohana and probably the acceptable range of requests per second is 1000 to 2000 requests.

    My Plan is to use a memcached for the data and amazon web service to host the pictures.

  • hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • "big site" That's funny. 99% want to develop sites like that, but almost none of it reach "big"...

    Worry about scalability when you actually see the concrete bottlenecks (db, php, server, etc.). I'm not saying that you don't write optimal code or plan ahead...

  • @feketegy i got sites running with 500-1000 requests.. don't understand your non-fact comment ;-)

  • @feketegy actually I build systems/sites before with much greater concurrent user's request using python(with different technologies) currently it has 200,000+ users... but now I want to use PHP language and the framework is Kohana

  • Scaling (whatever that means) has nothing to do with the web framework you use. Most of the time spent in a request will be in the code you write, not the framework code.

  • @Zombor thank you for the enlightment

  • @riz And keep in mind, that your first bottleneck will always be your DB, unless you write some really crappy spaghetti code in PHP...

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