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Display Search on Different controllers
  • Hey,

    I want to display a search-field on different controllers/views. The search field has the same logic everytime and sends via ajax. I don't want to copy the code to every action where it's needed. What's the best way to achieve this?

  • In the usual way: add the code to a base controller and extend from that. Or make a separate ajax/search controller.

  • Yes, and seperate the view from other views and place it through your template controller.

  • Soo, thanks for your answers. I decided to use the HMVC functionality. In the views where the searchbox is needed I call:

    <?php echo Request::factory('lexikon/searchform')->execute(); ?>

       public function action_searchform()
            $this->auto_render = false;
            $view = View::factory('lexikon/searchform');
            // Random Articles
            $entries = ORM::factory('Lexikon_Entries')->where('id', '>=', DB::expr('(SELECT FLOOR( MAX(id) * RAND()) FROM `lexikon_entries` )'))->order_by('id')->limit(6)->find_all();
            $view->bind('random', $entries);

    When I open the page i get ErrorException [ Fatal Error ]: Cannot redeclare deregister_globals(). I don't know if I've done something wrong, or if this is a bug in Kohana3.3?

  • Okay, found the solution by myself: In my base controller added some phpbb integration which caused to problem. I created a new controller for all those little hmvc snippets that doesn't extend the base controller.

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