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Hello from a Codeigniter Refugee
  • Hi everyone,

    My name is Dwayne and I am a developer from Australia. I've been developer for about 6 years now, I love what I do. I've been a user of Codeigniter for a few years now, but given the recent events of which Ellislab have decided to discontinue supporting the framework and look for a new owner, I've jumped ship due to the uncertainty. Kohana seemed like the logical choice, but I did consider other frameworks as well.

    I was a pretty big advocate of Codeigniter up until recently. Publishing tutorials, open sourcing projects built on CI, writing numerous libraries and helpers. I am looking to do the same for Kohana, help people out on the forums, write tutorials, contribute to documentation and advocate this great framework. I am in this for the long haul and hopefully my contributions are seen as helpful to the community and future of the project itself.

    • FuelPHP — It's future to me feels a little uncertain, I think this framework might die off soon.
    • Zend Framework — Way too heavy and complex for a framework
    • Symfony2 — Really nice, but feels a little too over the top for what I need in a PHP framework
    • CakePHP — The Ronald McDonald of PHP frameworks. Heavy, bloated and showing its age.
    • Laravel — A really nice framework, but feels once again, over the top and complicated for the sake of being complicated. The constant rewriting and API changes also deter me, I've heard Laravel 4 will put an end to constant rewriting, but given the history of this young framework, I decided to steer clear.

    I think what attracted me to Kohana is the nice support for modern versions of PHP, but ease-of-use. The maturity of Kohana also greatly appealed to me too, I would prefer to use just the one framework for my day-to-day PHP development needs. I also dabble in Python/Django, Ruby on Rails and Node.JS when need be as well. I try and keep across the board of languages and frameworks.

    It's great to be here. If you have any questions let me know.

    Follow me on Github: https://github.com/Vheissu My personal blog where I'll be posting Kohana related stuff more often now: http://ilikekillnerds.com

  • welcome :)

  • Hey bro, welcome to Kohana.

  • welcome, i guess the most immediate need is documentation (as usual) so if you can help get the 3.3.2 out and then 3.4 is kind of major rewrite of the framework itself (not the projects built on top of it)

  • Thanks for the welcoming guys!


    Seems like the aged old problem of Kohana: documentation. Haha. I would be happy to help out with the documentation. It's definitely very important and if we want to capitalise on other people looking for a new framework coming from Codeigniter, then it is definitely important.

  • As a complete PHP framework newbie, I've been struggling to setup a new project (actually, rebuild and old project) with Kohana as all the concepts of using a framework are new to me. I've been bulding websites in HTML/CSS for about 8-10 years now, and have been using PHP for the last 4 years or so, but OOP is still pretty new to me and the framework concept is very new, as I said.

    For me the biggest issue has been finding tutorials that cover the basics in a practical way, including where to put what in the filesystem etc.

    I have managed to find a few good tutorials and I'm learning fast and have come a long way, but there's still a lot I'm not sure of how to do, or think I might be doing in a way that will turn out to be wrong and I'll have to re-do a lot later.

    So my point is, it's nice to see a native english speaker who might be able to help, as it seems many Kohana users are very foreign and even a lot of the tutorials I've found are not in english.

  • arumdev,

    Have you read the getting started part of the official documentation? Conventions and Style, MVC, and Cascading File System documentation will help you understand what goes where.


  • @Vheissu, good to have another Aussie here! (I'm in Fremantle.) Jump on #kohana in IRC (if that's your thing), it's pretty quiet in our daytime. :-)

  • @samwilson Ah, awesome mate. I'm from Queensland, Brisbane to be exact. I used to frequent the Codeigniter IRC channel a bit, so I'll definitely jump in the Kohana channel and talk.

  • Good thing you made a switch from CodeIgniter ... CI is a turd

  • Welcome, Vheissu!

    zoltalar -- it's well known that Kohana sprung from CI, so there must have been something of value there. Also, there's no need to cut down others to boost yourself (ourselves) up. You say it's a turd, I say that turd is soil from which several other frameworks has grown, and a little respect is free to give.

  • @zoltalar — I'd liken CI to that of Wordpress vs Drupal. Both achieve the same goal, one gets there in a more simple way and the other isn't afraid to make things a little less easy for the other even if it means your code isn't as clean or you're not doing things the most up-to-date way. To many CI will always fulfil a purpose and to those like me who have outgrown the framework and moved on, we won't forget where we started.

    Codeigniter was my first pleasant framework experience after dealing with Zend and trying my hand very briefly at CakePHP (back when it was super slow and bad). I'll always have a soft spot for it in my heart and @signalii is right, Kohana grew out of Codeigniter and if it weren't for CI there might not have ever been a Kohana in the first place.

  • @signalii, @Vheissu I didn't mean to sound so harsh :) - I agree that Kohana owns a lot to CI, but wouldn't recommend CI for any project since we have other great frameworks like Kohana 3.x

  • @zoltalar — All good man. It's hard to judge intent via a forum, but I know you didn't mean to sound so harsh. But I definitely agree comparing Codeigniter to Kohana well Kohana wins hands down. I'm loving this framework so far, I've got it all sorted out; the cascading file system is great, how extensible everything is and whatnot. Is Kohana 4 going to adopt a namespaces approach or keep with the cascading file system approach it currently uses?

    @Akki — Hey buddy. Hows it going?

  • All good, zoltalar -- plaintext tone strikes again ;)

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