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Read init values from a config file?
  • I notice that synapsestudios' Kohana template reads the init array from a config file (after first instantiating Kohana::$config):


    This seems like a good idea. :)

  • I haven't used kohana in a while, but looking at your link they are also defining the modules AFTER that, so the system is essentially in a flat mode.

    If that's the case, you might as well do: Kohana::init(include 'init.php');

    As I recall the reason their code works there would be Kohana's habbit of auto-injecting APPPATH and SYSPATH into the paths before the modules are initialized.

  • I think I see what you mean. :-) But in the default bootstrap the modules are defined after init() as well. Would it only be in 'flat' mode with respect to the bits used before and during init()? I mean Kohana::$config, Config, Config_File, and the actual init.php config file? Other things used later would therefore be part of the Cascading Filesystem?

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