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sending email in kohana using shadowhand's module
  • greetings, so basically I searched on ways to send email in kohana 3.3 and ended up with this module https://github.com/shadowhand/email and I believe I should also put https://github.com/swiftmailer/swiftmailer in the module's vendor folder . what I dont get it where should I put all of this in my kohana project and how to actually use it . thanks in advance .

  • thank you for trying to help WinterSilence but I read the readme before . what I meant is where to put the class folders ... though seems I already succeeded . my problem now is it seems I cant set the config file. I am using

    'driver' => 'smtp',
    'options' => array('hostname'=>'smpt.gmail.com','username'=>'[email protected]','password'=>'blablabla','port'=>'465','encryption'=>'ssl')

    though it states it cant connect to the hostname .

  • smtp.gmail.com - typo per your other post

    You could also get a free SMTP account at http://mandrillapp.com

  • with gmail you have to use an other port.

    return array (
        'driver' => 'smtp',
        'options' =>  array(
            'hostname'   =>'smtp.gmail.com',
            'port'       =>'587',
            'username'   =>'email',
            'password'   =>'password',
            'encryption' => 'tls',
  • smtp.gmail.com - typo per your other post

    oops xD thanks for pointing this out . just another question I dont understand now that I have my mailer working . if in the config file the username is the email that I use to send the mails ... what is the use of the email i write in the from() ?

    $email = Email::factory('Hello, World', 'This is my body, it is nice.')
            ->from('[email protected]')
            ->to('[email protected]')->send()
  • You set the user/email in the config file in order to authenticate with the SMTP server.

    Setting an email in the from function will set the email message FROM header.

  • Setting an email in the from function will set the email message FROM header

    strange cause whatever email I write in the from function the mail is always sent from the email of the config file .

  • I am not sure about that... probably the way GMail SMTP server is configured.

  • Seriously, get an account at http://mandrillapp.com so you can have better control of your outbound (SMTP) email -- it's free for 12,000 emails a month. Gmail does all sorts of strange things to your headers plus it's almost impossible to track which messages get delivered and which do not

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