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Query Builder and query "where (`field1` LIKE "%id1%" OR `field1` LIKE "%id2%") "
  • Query Builder and query "where (field1 LIKE "%id1%" OR field1 LIKE "%id2%") " . How?

  • ->where('field1', 'LIKE', '%id1%')->or_where('field1', 'LIKE', '%id2%') ?

  • Build with regexp and_where('field1', 'regexp', '[[:<:]]( id1|id2)[[:>:]]');

  • To artad : thanks , but before i use another where

  • @q2zx

         ->where('field1', 'LIKE', '%id1%')
         ->or_where('field1', 'LIKE', '%id2%')
  • To artad : thanks

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