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Example Kohana applications
  • Just wanted to share some of my kohana applications.

    Support Tickets in Kohana 3.3

    Work in Progress, simple system for creating support tickets and messages.
    github live demo

    Restaurant Listing in Kohana 3.2 & 3.3

    Completed, mobile website listing restaurants near you.
    github live demo

    Drag Times in Kohana 3.1 & 3.2

    Not finished, importing excel documents containing drag races time slips into database.
    github live demo

    Also you can see some of my work for kohana with the kohana- prefix :)

  • Amazing applications. Please add LICENSE files.

    Also, fix the live demo link for the Restaurant listing app. It goes to setup the language.

  • The default language is Icelandic so I was just doing everyone a favor and directly set the language to English via link.

    I will add license when I have decided what licence it will have, probably multiple licenses due to graphical design etc. But will stick to Kohana's license for php code.

    Thanks for your input

  • good stuff, thanks!

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