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Donation to Kohana
  • If I donate to Kohana where does the money go? Is it split equally between developers?

  • It goes to an escrow fund held by the Software Freedom Conservancy. It basically is used to pay for our hosting and domain costs. No Kohana developer has ever taken money from this.

  • Is there anyway to donate directly to developers? As the costs for hosting and domain would probably be covered already by other donators?

  • I didn't know that, @zombor. Thanks for mentioning it. Is there more info anywhere about what the costs are?

  • If you want to donate directly to a developer, you should contact that developer. It needs to be done outside of the context of kohana.

  • @samwilson, I don't have any specific numbers handy, but it's just basic hosting and domain registration costs. We have spent money on web design before, but that was a while back.

  • Oh, no worries, thanks! :-) Are you receiving enough to cover costs?

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