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Image Module and Files Over 7MB
  • Tested in Localhost,


    Seems to fail when the image is 7 MB in size or larger. Tested with many images. 7 MB seems to be when the module fails.

    Haven't seen any problems with images less than 7MB in size.

    Is this a bug?

    I'm currently using Kohana 3.1.

    Will upgrading Kohana fix this problem?

    Are there any fixes for this in 3.1 without upgrading?

  • CORRECTION. Using Kohana 3.2.0, not 3.1.

    Uploading files that are bigger than 7MB works fine. Problem is only when trying to resize and then save as different file.

  • Disregard this thread.

    Problem was resolved by ini_set() memory_limit.

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