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Kohana behavior change on diffrent servers
  • hello

    can Kohana framework behavior be diffrent in various server ?
    i faced an problem and cant find the cause, i have installed my app in 2 diffrent server, one of the modules work proberly in one server and not work on another, i send query to database and show result in the view, just that, but in the first server its work and load data but in another server, just return a blank page without any errors, is set kohana environment to DEVELOMPENT, but application completely stop working after call this action and nothing work ( var_dump, kohana profiler, etc ... ) at all

  • Blank probably means errors are not shown. Try looking at the webserver error logs.

  • thank you, its was about memory limitation in php.ini file, i increase it and problem solved, i am wondering that when i search date format in db this problem happend not about another fields, what is wrong ? its because of date proccesing Volume?

  • Hmm database query should not have much impact on your memory, the resultset could. Maybe more/different results returned with the date?

  • Few months ago, I met this mysterious guy in Kohana's IRC channel at the time when the general assembly was called. He was chatting about Kohana's WSOD (white screen of death, as opposed to Windows' BSOD), and I jumped into the discussion as I found it extremely interesting.

    In his reasoning, the blank screen appears when Kohana runs out of time and/or out of memory and thus can not shutdown properly and produce the errors. And since the throwing of PHP exceptions and errors are delegated to Kohana, the server does not output anything and shows a blank screen.

    He shared with me an outstanding (and simple) hack around Kohana's shutdown handler. According to him, 90% of the WSODs are caused by either memory or time limit, and his hack solves them most of the time. Basically, in that function, he's asking the parser an additional 10 seconds and an additional 1Mb of memory to be able complete the Kohana_Core::shutdown_handler function.

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