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Kohana 3.0 ORM validation, get errors in view.
  • This is what i have in the controller :

    $problem->title = $_POST['title'];
    $problem->content = $_POST['content'];
    $problem->category = $_POST['category'];
        $problem->active = '1';
        } else {
            $problem->active = '0';
        $problem->lang = $_POST['lang'];
        if ($problem->check()) {
        else {
            $errors = $problem->validate()->errors();

    This in the Model :

    protected $_rules = array(
            'title' => array(
                'not_empty' => NULL,
            'content' => array(
                'not_empty' => NULL,

    And this in the view :

        <?php if (isset($errors)): ?>
            <?php foreach ($errors as $error) : ?>
                <?php echo __($error); ?><br>
            <?php endforeach; ?>
        <?php endif; ?>

    But for some reason he does not show the errors. When there is an error the record is not saved so the 'Check' functions works.

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