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Kohana Debugger
  • Hi. We created a small debugging tool (based on biakaveron's Debug Toolbar) called Kohana Debugger. You can read about it there http://blog.lemberg.co.uk/kohana-debugger-module-lemberg

    Feel free to fork it. Hope it will help you.

  • Good idea. But I dont like to override Request class only for sending additional headers. It can be another driver for data rendering (select via config, which one to use: Views or custom HTTP headers) instead of separated module.

  • TBH, I don't like it too. But, you are able to not use it. You can send the debugging data manually in way you want. I don't like including debugging data into views at all, so I included only one option - custom HTTP headers. Perhaps I will include option with Views in future releases.

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