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Kolanos captcha module not displaying image
  • Hi guys, I am 2 week-old in Kohana but I have quite a long experience with PHP, Zend, Yii & co. So I'm still missing nuts & bolts of Kohana, even more when it's about modules. For short, I've installed the Kolanos captcha module, done the modifs as here: http://forum.kohanaframework.org/discussion/comment/79087 (in fact I did it before reading, just error-driven), configured the module in bootstrap.php, copied the module's config file into the application's /config. And that's all. In the controller it seems it goes fine but what I'm getting in the view is an image placeholder pointing to this: - img src="/captcha/default" width="150" height="50" alt="Captcha" class="captcha" - instead of the image. What am I doing wrong? Thx

  • render in view, not in controller

  • I don't understand. If you mean $captcha->render(), of course it would be in the view. What I'm doing is this: - in controller $captcha = Captcha::instance(); $view = View::factory('login/index'); $this->view->captcha = $captcha; .... -in view ...... I've also tried with $captcha->render() instead of echo-ing, I've got the same result ...

  • in view

    <?php echo Captcha::instance()->image_render(TRUE) ?>


    < img src="<?php echo Route::url('captcha') ?>" alt="Captcha" class="captcha" >
  • Nope, same result ...

  • Ok, I think it comes-up now: how should I define the route in bootstrap (because I didn't ...)?

  • @Opariti route already in modules folder in init.php

    try use this version https://github.com/WinterSilence/kohana-captcha work correctly 100%

  • Ok, thanks, be back to you soon ...

  • @WinterSilence: It renders the image! However, there is a minor error that you have to fix in the code - declare the class 'abstract' in classes/Captcha.php; it's caught up by error handler anyway, but is better to be all clean. Many thanks! Be back to you after testing the validation :-)

  • @WinterSilence: Ok, I still need to handle the captcha post for validation, but that's fine, it's on my side now, your version works fine. Many thanks!

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