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Strange behavior when I passing Session to third-part app (CKFinder)
  • I am facing problem with CKFinder and sessions (tried ko322 ,ko311). I have to pass session with folder name to ckfinder. When I open session with session_name("session"); session_start() in config.php I got Class __PHP_Incomplete_Class has no unserializer. This didn't happen in ko308. I found that problem is Auth object in session. When I use other orm model (auth is unset), session can be start in CKFinder and object can be used - but, just when configuration of DB group is made outsite config/database.php.

    So when I save object in session, which has configuration of DB group in config/database.php, the third-part apps can not read session_name('session') and it cause Class __PHP_Incomplete_Class has no unserializer. When I specify DB confing inside template controller, everything is ok. But I am not able do it with Auth class. And also, I would like to know why it happens.

    Any suggestion please?