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Is Gleez still active?
  • I was looking for a light Kohana-based CMS and I've downloaded Gleez - seems fine, don't know if it's the best. I've tried to register on their site but the confirmation failed (clicking on the link in the email brought me to "Page not found"). Moreover, sending an email to [email protected] also failed. Any idea if these guys are still in operation and, if so, how to get to them. Thx

  • Hi Opariti,

    Yes its still alive, as I was out of country on a project for a month so not much commits. But if you see on github(https://github.com/gleez/cms/commits/master) few commits were comited by @sergeyklay . We're working on some new features oAuth 2.0 Server etc too.

    Thanks for reporting the email issue, we'll look into it.

  • Thanks Sandeep, There are quite a few things that still need to be fixed. For me that's fine because I can do that, but if you want to create a robust product ... Seems also that it's slow. Anyway, I think at least I can bring you issues ;-) !

  • @Opariti Slow!? At least it's faster than WP or Drupal :) If you enable Mango module (see in bootstrap.php) and use it for caching, logging and session it will be even faster. In any case, we will welcome any participation. Feel free to issues, be a little spammer :)

  • Made major changes and updated the Twitter bootstrap to BS 3 added oauth server and better client interface. Added database migrations support to minion similar to rails. Code layout and caching mechanism. Defaults to cerber theme from @klay and lot more major improvements like buddy support, internal messages between users etc. Looking for some testers before we role this branch into master.
  • It is great that you are still working on gleez, but.....
    the demo site at http://demo.gleezcms.org/ is broken.

  • I'd love to have a look at this, but so far unfortunately all I'm getting is ` Table 'gleez_cms.gl_config' doesn't exist` instead of the installer. :-(

    I'll lodge an issue if I can't get it working...
  • @samwilson where did you get the error? Please try to do fresh install and let us know.
    @wwhite we're constantly working on Gleez, see the commit history. Demo is broken by some people, keep deleting the pages. you can still login directly. /user/login.
  • Gleez is crazy active, their repo is always buzzing. I'm yet to play with it fully but it reminds me of Drupal, which is great, I just need to dive into the codebase.
  • @sandeepone I'm running from a clean clone of... oh, don't worry: I just figured it out: It was just that I'd created the config/database.php file earlier, but the DB hadn't been populated yet, so the check for installed-ness (`Gleez::$installed = file_exists(APPPATH.'config/database.php');`) didn't work. Removed that file and all is well.
  • I updated the alias, the site is fine. I understand people deleting pages, I will keep fixing them;)
    Question: What is the "Primary Image" used for?
    When I create a new page and browse for image, the image is not displayed.
  • @Jack Ellis - Thank you. I myself came from Drupal itself. So ported most of the drupal functionality.

    @wwhite - Nice you figured out the issue. The primary image is used in Blog post espically. The image will be displayed on list or page view. But during the changes we hold the image display for timebeing. I remember @klay has some screenshots, how it works. The main objective was to display image like this.
  • Perfect, thank you for the clarification!

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