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Session usage
  • I want to use Kohana Session in several Classes. Is there a Problem to instantiate a Singelton in multiple Classes with Session::instance('type') or should I use a wrapper Class which holds one Session Singelton instance.

    So what is better? One Wrapper Class with one Session instance or $session=Session::instance('type') all the way wherever Session is needed?

  • Session::instance is already a singleton

  • No.

    Session::instance is a method to create several instances in Session: /** * @var array session instances */ public static $instances = array();

    Thats fine to create what ever you want, but horrible in usage. So I think I'm going to use a Wrapper Class that holds only one instance.

  • Well, it would be cleaner and more testable to inject a Session instance to any class that needs to access it.

    However, as loonies says, Session::instance is already a singleton - the only reason that instances is an array is because it will produce one singleton for each type. Eg Session::instance ('cookie') always has the same result, but Session::instance ('native') will give a singleton of the native session driver.

    So there's no benefit to a wrapper class - either call Session::instance anywhere, or call it once in controller or wherever and inject the result anywhere it's needed.

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