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Next Kohanathon?
  • I know there's no trace of the 1st one (because of the forum hack), but I heard it was a success, although I personally couldn't commit to, but I try my best to chip in the next one.

    I think we should set a date so everybody can get the heads up.

    @enov ?
  • Hey @feketegy!

    We need first to agree on the scope of the next Kohanathon. Currently we have [the following](http://dev.kohanaframework.org/projects/kohana3/roadmap) to be done:

    - `3.2.3` : 11 open bugs
    - `3.3.2` : 4 open bugs
    - `3.4`: 59 open bugs
    - around 200 unscheduled bugs
    - + documentation revamp

    I don't know if it's a good idea to tackle `3.2.3` and `3.3.2` together in a single Kohanathon. There might be bugs that are hard to solve. It also depends on the number of participants.

    I am also in favour of making a Kohanathon for the docs.

    @Zeelot3k ?
  • I think we should just get 3.2.3 out before we figure out the next hackathon. You guys don't need to be in a hackathon to send me tickets and PRs to look at, by the way ;)

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