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setlocale not enabled on server
  • After a long and tedious search for the answer why Zend Lucene wasn't handling my utf-8 string properly, I found the answer (on http://kohanaframework.org/guide/using.configuration):
    Zend_Search_Lucene treats input as a string in **current locale encoding**.

    I checked if had set setlocale(LC_ALL, 'nl_NL.utf-8') in my bootstrap and I had.

    So I found out (with `system('locale -a')` returning `C POSIX`) that none of this 'set-locale'-functionality is installed.

    I spend a lot of time debugging and searching the internet, so I am kind of pissed of. Should I blame my provider for not making setlocale() work, or is the problem with Zend Lucene and is its use of current locale encoding outdated?