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3.2 or 3.3? Why should I make the change?
  • I am contemplating whether to move to 3.3.1, I have been developing using 3.2 and it's fairly comfortable for me. I have since noticed that some of my fav modules might need so be changed or have since changed. Is it critical to move to 3.2 or someone can pretty much stay in their comfort zone for now since there are no 'groundbreaking' changes as such?

  • 3.2 will be deprecated, and it will happen soon enough.

    The change to 3.3 is not that hard, although it will hit every file in your project, because of the case sensitive filenames.

    Your best bet to upgrade to 3.3 because that's the latest stable version.

  • In fact this is not a project upgrade but a new project am starting. I was looking at modules and implications of using 3.3 (how many modules are compatible with minimum Filename/Classname change)

  • Most modules either work or wouldn't take too much effort to get working on 3.3, so it seems best to go with the latest and greatest.

    http://kohana-modules.com/ is great for an overview.

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