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Redirect from HTTP_Exception
  • I don't want to display a message i.e "404 not found" but I want to redirect ont my index page instead (index/index).

    How can I do that from the Http_Exeption_404->get_response() ? I tried but get errors, looks like a return is required and my redirection went wrong.

  • a solution would be wrap Request execution in index.php in try/catch bloc - see here (Kohana 3.1):


                echo Request::factory()
            } catch (HTTP_Exception_404 $e)
  • Thanks. Does the solution is different with 3.3? I'm not sure anymore about the version I use and I don't know how know it. There is nothing about the version in the files, or I couldn't find it.

  • Another solution would be to override HTTP_Exception_404 and redirect from the constructor.

    Are you on Kohana 3.1 or Kohana 3.3? I could not find get_response in 3.1.

  • sorry I posted before reading your last reply.

    There is a constant you can check Kohana::VERSION

  • I'm in 3.3.1, that's why I was not sure ^^

    So the best solution would be to override the construct instead of get_response I guess?


  • you want to display an error message on the index page?

  • yes, actually on any page. I get the flash errors in my template and display them, the page doesn't matters.

  • if on any, dont throw exception, set $this->responce->status($code)+ add flash message or override Kohana_Exception::handler()

  • Another strange solution would be to HMVC from within HTTP_Exception_404::get_response

    public function get_response() {
        // build and execute main page request
        return Request::factory('/')->execute();

    Then you will have all unmatched/unfound urls to show your main page but keep the url at the location bar of the browser.

    beware that this method may cause a loop if you already use HMVC for your main page and if a sub-request results in 404.

  • class HTTP_Exception_404 extends Kohana_HTTP_Exception_404 {

    public function __construct(){
        // Add message to display.
        App::add_flash_message(__('errors.404', array(':controller' => Request::initial()->controller(), ':action' => Request::initial()->action())));
        // Redirect to the last visited page.
        App::redirect_last_page(Request::initial()->controller(), Request::initial()->action());


    Works perfectly.

    I also tried the return Request::factory('/')->execute();, works too, but I prefer the other way, makes more sens in my app.


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