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Globally Access Variables
  • I have a couple of arrays that I want to be available for all pages. Where do I put the include_once call? Right now I put this call at the top of the view, but it still errors with 'undefined variable'. Also I don't want to have to put the include in every file that uses it. Where can I put it so I only have to include it once?

    //view file
    <?php require_once DOCROOT . 'assets/files/gamedata.php' ?>
    echo $aTeamArray[1];  // this line errors with undefined variable
    //gamedata.php file
    $aTeamArray = array();
    $aTeamArray[1] = array('city' => 'Baltimore', 'nickname' => 'Orioles', 'league' => 'AL', 'division' => 'East', 'abbr' => 'BAL');
    $aTeamArray[2] = array('city' => 'Boston', 'nickname' => 'Red Sox', 'league' => 'AL', 'division' => 'East', 'abbr' => 'BOS');
    $aTeamArray[3] = array('city' => 'New York', 'nickname' => 'Yankees', 'league' => 'AL', 'division' => 'East', 'abbr' => 'NYY');
    $aTeamArray[4] = array('city' => 'Tampa Bay', 'nickname' => 'Rays', 'league' => 'AL', 'division' => 'East', 'abbr' => 'TB');
    $aTeamArray[5] = array('city' => 'Toronto', 'nickname' => 'Blue Jays', 'league' => 'AL', 'division' => 'East', 'abbr' => 'TOR');
  • Read @wintersilence comment. I personally put a file in app/config/app.php and then use


    I even use this file to populate other config files so I can keep all of the config in this one app.php file

    If you want to do a include in all your controllers, you can put it in your base controller classes before()

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